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Public Bank Home Loan With 5 HOME Plan

Public Bank Home Loan

Public bank

You may have just getting married with your love one and are planning to buy a house at the moment. However, you are having financial difficulty as you do not have enough money for buying house. If you are in such dilemma, you may want to consider on applying for housing loan from your local bank in order to assist you to purchase your dream home.

Apply For Home Loan With Public Bank

One of the renown banks in Malaysia would be the Public bank. If you have a Public bank branch located nearby where you stay, you may pay a visit to the bank and you are going to discover actually they have a variety of different loan products that ready to help you.

To make sure that you will get access to the loan that you desire as fast as possible, you should apply from Public bank as the bank is certified with ISO 9001:2000 which will ensure the housing loan that you apply for is going to get processing speedy for approval.

public bank home loan

Once you have decide on getting home loan from Public bank, the next thing is you need to choose what type of home loan you want.

Public bank is just launching a new home loan which is called 5 HOME Plan which will offer you the flexibility option from a wide variety of home loan packages based on your actual financial requirement.

The 5 HOME Plan packages that you can choose for are:

1st HOME Plan: Fixed monthly installments package
This is an Islamic home loan plan which allows you to enjoy fixed profit interest rates that won’t get affected by the fluctuation of BLR.

2nd HOME Plan: Equal monthly installment package
This is a home loan that carried with fixed monthly installments which enable you for better planning and managing of your finances. The loan is features with the financial flexibility of an overdraft facility.

3rd HOME Plan: HomeSave Package
This HomeSave package is going to links the housing loan to your bank current account, as your current account credit balance is going to be used to reduce the outstanding balance of the housing loan for interest calculation and will let you to save on interest.

4th HOME Plan: Graduated payments package
This package is come with a lower initial installment and will subsequently get increasing exponentially with your income.

Public bank 5HOME Plan

Th 5th HOME Plan packages
In case you have already purchased a house and think of getting additional funds for other needs, you can choose to refinance your house. There are many reasons why you want to refinance your house such as you want to buy a beach vacation, invest in stock market to accumulate more wealth, paying your child’s education fees and so on.

With Public bank, they do offer the longest home loan tenure in the market of up to 40 years. Besides for the longest loan tenure, you can as well get the option for making comfortable monthly installments.

MORE Plan 1 – Same amount monthly installments and with overdraft facility
This is a home loan that carried with fixed monthly installments which enable you for better planning and managing of your finances. The loan is features with the financial flexibility of an overdraft facility.

Benefits that you can enjoy with Public bank home loan:

Once you sign up for one of these home loan program, you are going to enjoy the below benefits:

- Great savings for you as interest rates are computed on daily basis.
- High margin of financing of up to 100% (inclusive of MRTA/MT/MRPA/ODL and /or loan documentation expenses).
- Annual fee waiver for your credit cards throughout the entire loan tenure for qualify customers.
- Redraw Facility option (for new Conventional Housing Loans with an approved amount of RM100,000 and above).
- Attractive interest rate up to BLR -2.20%

Of course, in order for you to entitle for the above perks and benefits, you still need to meet all the Public bank terms and conditions. If you fulfill all the requirement, there are very high chances you are going to get the home loan in no time.

If you are interested for the home loan, you can apply at Pubic bank by follow this link:

Public Bank Home Loan Application

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50 Responses to “Public Bank Home Loan With 5 HOME Plan”

  1. SHARON LAI says:

    I interesting with your bank housing loan, can u please contact me as soon as possible…also please kindly let me know more attractive & opinion about your housing loan contact number is 017-7109876…thank you very much…

  2. Sanmitha says:

    searching for better option to apply loan and im interested on your housing loan packages but need more info regarding the full calculation, kindly back to me.Tq

    • admin says:

      This is just information sharing. To know more you may need to call to the available Public Bank contact to find out more.

  3. sabri says:

    Bolehkah saya memohon pinjaman perumahan jika saya bekerja diluar malaysia. Contohnya di Brunei
    - bank manakah yang boleh mengeluarkan loan jika boleh?
    - Perlukah penjamain?
    - berapa lama masa proses?


    • admin says:

      Anda boleh tanya daripada bank yang anda berminat untuk pinjaman. Jika anda meminat dengan Public bank, anda boleh menghubungi dengan contact yang sedia ada untuk inquiry selanjutnya.

  4. Lee says:

    i havING 2 housing loan with Public Bank. under the loans there are MRTA attach with. Would like to know why i do not have any copy of the MRTA copy? How can i refer without this policy? TQ

  5. sumitha says:

    i WAN to apply housing loan can u plz guide me.thank you.
    get back to me asap

  6. Ruhayati Jamlan says:

    Hello.. saya ada loan goverment housing… i need to convert the loan to bank loan… saya nak clear potongan perumahan dalam slip gaji saya. Saya nak jual rumah tersebut kepada kawan saya. bagaimana nak proses goverment loan to bank loan ?
    Thank you…

  7. helmi says:

    really interested with your home loan scheme.need some advice to apply for home loan.
    how cn i contact u?

  8. Kiran says:


    Currently my home loan is with MBSB and i would like to convert it to other banks. I have the lock in period of 5 years and if I’m not wrong, the lock in period will end in 2013.

    Can u suggest me any banks that can do the necessary for me with the best interest rate of course and also able to add on the penalty into the loan amount?

    Appreciate your advice. Thanks.

    You can call me at 012-9190593 as well.

  9. Rajan says:

    hai good day.
    my name is rajan.My currenty housing loan at bank simpanan nasional.Now i’m thinking to convert to public bank which provide better interest rate..I already pay housing loan at bank simpanan nasional five years. Can u let me know what are the procedure that will have.

    You can call me at 019-7812023

  10. Alvin says:

    Hi, is mrta compulsory? Who is your panel insurance financial?

    • admin says:

      In fact MLTA and MRTA isn’t compulsory when you apply for housing loan from a bank. Most banks are pushing for MRTA simply because they want to safeguard themselves as well as those borrower if the borrower is death or becomes TPD and their family not able to paying back the housing loan.

      Some local banks may set it to be compulsary for borrower to get MRTA for their loan when to apply loan but foreign banks may not set such rule. Those foreign banks that you may request for further details are OCBC, HSBC, Standard Chartered and UOB Bank.

      For further explanation, we can said MRTA is simply another INSURANCE product. Therefore, the amount that you need to pay is going to depend on your age (the older the age, the more expensive the MRTA will be), nature of occupation (the higher the risk of your job, the more expensive MRTA will be), health condition, and the property price.

      Thus, the MRTA tend to vary for different borrowers. For example, for a RM300,000 property, you may need to pay for RM13,000 of MRTA but I may only need to pay for RM9,000. And the best practice for you is prior to pay for MRTA, you should go for medical check-up first.

      In case you are getting housing loan from foreign banks, then it is not compulsory for you to get MRTA even though you can apply for if you want to. It is also possible for you to buy the MRTA from other financial institutions such as ING or AIA.

      I hope this can provide some helps for you. However, I do suggest you to treat this just as a reference and you need to do your own due diligent when come to MRTA. I know most of the loan officers tend to trying hard in explaining to borrower whether or not it is compulsory for them to get the MRTA. Hence, the loan officers are the ideal people that you can approach for questioning on all your doubts.

  11. Jo says:

    Thanks for the clarification as I took a loan with pbb and the banker force me to buy MLTA from GE else to cancel my loan. She say is compulsory n beneficiary is bank. Is it true on such arrangement by public bank in your latest promotion?

    • admin says:

      I just not sure as each bank and some time each branch of same bank may have different policy toward the loan that offer. What can be good for you is to ask for several other banks or other branches and figure out the best arrangement for yourself.

  12. Azhari says:

    Saya ingin membuat refinance masalahnya saya tinggal dikedah dan rumah di shah alam bolehkah saya berurusan dengan branch di kedah dan berapa lamakah masa yang diambil untuk kelulusan

    Appreciate your advice. Thanks.

  13. RobertL says:

    Hi! there,
    I having problem to secure the housing loan due to my CCRIS record under special intention.I am wondering whether public bank willing to offer me housing loan since Public Bank is one of my employer Panel Bank for housing loan. I am not bankcrupcy but just due to my financial record hardly for me to secure the loan.

    Appreciate your advice.

  14. prosthetics Chesapeake VA says:

    Wonderful post, very informative. I ponder why the other specialists of this sector do not realize this. You must proceed your writing. I am confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!|What’s Happening i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve discovered It absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to give a contribution & aid different customers like its aided me. Good job.

  15. Norlela says:

    Bolrh ke sy bt loan rumah di bank public bank sedangkan sy ade bt loan kereta dgn public bank juga.. Boleh bt permohonan lg?

  16. Ali says:

    - High margin of financing of up to 100% (inclusive of MRTA/MT/MRPA/ODL and /or loan documentation expenses).

    I’m planning to buy house (completed) price ranging from RM330k-RM350k. But i can’t afford the deposit of 10%.

    What are the requirement/terms & condition to get 100% home loan?

  17. nora says:

    i am interested to apply housing loan for buying completed house that already paid booking, pls contact me.

  18. Intan says:

    saya dah membeli sebuah rumah tunai. Saya bercadang utk menambahbaikan(membesarkan) rumah tersebut. Bolehkah saya buat housing loan dgn public bank. Dalam masa yang sama ada ada loan kereta dgn Pbank.

  19. julie says:

    saya bercadang nak loan 100k,kenapa tahun kedua punya principle lebih tinggi daripada tahun kedua?

  20. julie says:

    saya nak loan 100k untuk rumah yg saya mau beli,
    sekarang ini ada promotion tak? BLR paling rendah boleh tolak sampai berapa?

  21. ila says:

    Saya ingin membuat pinjaman loan bersama (gabung bersama suami saya) untuk rumah yg berharga RM160000.

    Saya telah cuba di bank cimb. Tp menurut kata pegawai bank yg terlibat,permohonan ni tak lepas sebab suami saya ada rekod tak cantik untuk bayaran personal loan Bank Rakyat.

    Memang masa tahun 2009, 2010 bayaran memang tak cantik sgt la…

    Tapi, start dari tahun 2011, husband saya bayar ok dan sekarang baki dlm 7000 lebih…

    Permohonan ni, memang tak boleh dipertimbangkan ker sebab skrg dah ok…

    Untuk pengetahuan encik, saya tiada apa2 loan dan rekod bersih. cuma komitmen bulanan untuk anak (nursery)dan ptptn sahaja…

    Sekiranya pinjaman loan bersama memang tak diterima, boleh kah saya memohon pinjaman atas nama saya sahaja?

    • admin says:

      Ini amat rumit. Biarkan kami contact dan bincang seterusnya utk mengetahui isu yang sebenarnya dan macam mana solution utk ni.

  22. david chan says:

    I’m planning to buy a house & the price ranging from 350k-400k but I cannot afford the deposit. What is the requirement for 100% loan or base on my paid how much can I borrow so that I can find a affordable house for me. Will let you know my paid later. Tq.

  23. julie says:

    berapa lamakah bank approve the application housing loan?

  24. Nathan says:

    HI,im blaclist.can i refinance my due SINCE 2YEARS.ONLY BLACKLIST IN PERSONAL LOAN

    • John says:

      This will depends on the bank. Public bank is rather strict with their rules and you should try out other banks like RHB or CIMB as they may allow you to refinance your house even you are blacklisted in your personal loan.

  25. jocelyn Chan says:

    I plan to buy a condo ( the price 350k to 400k )in jb. I will loan around 300k from bank. What is the best interest rate you can give? Thanks

    • John says:

      Our expertise will contact you with your email. Thanks.

      • paranthaman says:

        Hi,i want to know whether i can apply for 100% loan? The loan amount will be 220k-290k,i want to do a joint account with my brother, can i apply? My contact num is 0176458616 u can call me also if needed.Tq

  26. Jaclyn says:

    Hi, me & my husband is planning to buy a third property with joint name. Can we still get the 90% or 100% loan instead of 70% loan as approved recently by Bank Negara?

  27. cindy says:

    The market value of the second hand double storey teres house that i signed up for S&P (245k)is 210K.The PBB branch at Masjid Tanah ,Melaka only agreed to offer me 189K(90%) for the home loan. Can i ask for 95% or 100% loan from PBB? In what condition and what are the qualification for tne home loan more than 90%? Looking forward to your quick reply. T.q.

  28. ammu says:

    sy dan suami sy aada apply for fousing loan kat pb, tp tiada lg sebrang jwpan bt masa ni.. sy br 2 bulan berkerja.

  29. noorul says:

    Saya ingin membuat pinjaman loan bersama (gabung bersama suami saya) untuk rumah yg berharga RM370k.

    saya nk tahu details loan calculation.


  30. Low says:

    I just booked an apartment, priced RM105k, may I know a few details from your side if I need a loan from PBB?

    1) From the above 5 types of housing loan which is best apply to me?
    **I would prefer flexi loan where I get to pay back monthly installment in extra if I get bonus, etc and of cause lowest deduction for BLR,thanks. I’m too a first house buyer with monthly net income approx RM2.9k.

    2) When and what should I bring to apply loan as my SNP due date on 7/5/2012?

    p/s: I’m having hire purchase loan with PBB for my 1st car for 31k, instalments ended on Apr 2014.this house I bought will be completed on Aug 2014, by that time only i start my monthly installments right?


  31. Isha Nasri says:

    Hello, I am Isha Nasri from Puchong here in Kuala Lumpur, If you need loan then contact standard loan firm because that is where I got my loan from a week ago without credit check and low interest rate of 3% without any form of collateral and no cosigner. If you know you need loan and you can pay back then contact them with this email

  32. noorul says:

    i am interested to apply housing loan for buying completed house that already paid booking, pls contact me at 017-6360800

  33. excellent publish, very informative. I ponder why the other experts
    of this sector don’t understand this. You should continue your writing. I am confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!

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