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Is Maybank The One For Your Housing Loan?

Various Housing Loans Offered by Maybank

Maybank does offer a variety of home loans for consumers who are looking for applying such mortgages for their ideal homes. Among the mortgage loans that offered by Maybank including MaxiHome, Maybank Overseas Mortgage Loan Scheme, MaxiHome-i, MaxiPlan, MaxiShop-i, Home Financing-i and HomeEquity-i.

Maybank home loan

A fexible housing loan that is available in various packages to accommodate consumer’s needs.

Maybank Overseas Mortgage Loan Scheme
Local residents can apply for this loan for buying property in London.

This is a variable rate mortgage and is Shariah-compliant home loan based on the concept of Bai’ Bithaman Ajil (BBA).

MaxiPlan home loan packages are specially made for those who need such mortgages for their personal or small businesses.

Another variable rate mortgage and Shariah-compliant shophouse loan based on the concept of Bai’ Bithaman Ajil (BBA).

Home Financing-i
This is a fixed rate mortgage and Shariah-compliant home loan based on the concept of Bai’ Bithaman Ajil (BBA).

HomeEquity-i is a Shariah-compliant home loan based on the concept of Musyarakah Mutanaqisah.

For further information, such as requirements, benefits, terms and conditions of these loans, you may check out with Maybank by visiting their official website.


Drawbacks of Maybank

Bad Housing Loan Experience with Maybank

One of my friends who just bought her first house 2 years ago and tried out her first housing loan with Maybank. At first, the customer service officer discuss everything with her nicely and friendly, and to her surprise that was not much barrier for her to being approved for her housing loan, and of course she signed the agreement with Maybank. Everything seems perfect until the fire insurance payment start out the nightmare.

Since this was the first house my friend being owned, and she just thought that the fire insurance was included in the MRTA where the seemingly friendly customer service lady didn’t mention to her in the first place. And they never call for this for couple of months until she suddenly received a notification asked her to pay for extra RM300 throughout the remaining tenure period.

Maybank Headquarter

She was furious and went to argued with the Maybank person in charge. One of the staff replied her that she needs to write a letter and they will forward to the head quarter. Then she wrote the letter. The Maybank staff told him that she will get a reply for about 2 weeks but she was only received a reply after 4 months even she been chasing for reply between this 4 months! And because of the delay reply, her fire insurance payment been piled up for another RM1,200. The worst thing is that the revision is still remains the same. She was exploded and went to one of the Maybank branches by insisted for seeking the manager. After a tense argument, to her surprise she got a reinstatement for the interest rate.

So, she thought that finally she got the term and condition side to her favour. However, after one year, she was received a revision letter stated that the installment amount for her housing loan is unchanged! She then contacted the Maybank customer service hot line, but the lady told her she has no idea about her case and ask her to go to any nearer Maybank branch to speak to the officer about her situation. The ironical part is when she wanted to end the conversation, the lady still dare to ask her: “Is there anything else I can help you?”

She is so concerns about what is going to happen for the remaining of the tenure period for her housing loan and finally she is switching to Public bank without any hesitation. She mentioned to me that Public bank won’t send her a letter and called for penalty instead they will offer her a phone call when she was late for payment. Better yet, there are full of competent customer service personnel in there.

Poor and Sub-standard Customer Service

Another case complaint by other friend is about the Maybank customer service. My friend has wrote many times through official letters, emails, phone calls to the Maybank MBBCardService for the intention to switch his home loan package to another bank since he claimed that the bank has imposed some insane charges on his housing loan which is not stated in the agreement.

He didn’t receive any call, mail or reply from the bank after many months. Also, he does the same thing by calling up Maybank Customer Service hotline, the guy who answered the call claimed that he can’t help him to check but suggested him to write again to the same MBBCardSerivce email address that he been wrote for hundred times. He was just wondered whether Maybank is having a real customer service or just setup to screw the customers?

His problem is remains unresolved, and Maybank seems to totally ignore about customers complaint by not even willing to entertain and listen to their problems.

Yet Another Complain from Unsatisfied Customer Toward Maybank

My relative has got a home loan with Maybank that was approved in 1993 but was then being fully paid back in 2006. The problem for his situation is that, even he has fully settled for his housing loan with Maybank, however he realised that the property that he bought until today still not being charged back to him. When he called up Maybank, ridiculously they told him that they have lost all his loan documents! Can you believe this? Even ironically is that they claimed the lawyer which was being hired together with the banker happened to lost his loan documents as well (double impact!). He can’t even trace the file at the High Court for the property case.

He been hired a lawyer now and bring this for court case. He got fully frustrated and there is still not sure how much time and money that he need to pay for that. Poor him….

What You Think About Maybank?

Therefore, it is not necessary that we can fully trust in the largest bank even the bank is backed by government. It’s better for you to do more surveys by going for efficient banks that can made you feel secure and hassle-free to apply loan with. You are better doing more due diligent than sorry later.

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