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Applying For CIMB Housing Loan?

CIMB Housing Loan

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time home buyer, wanting to undergo a renovation on your existing house, or as a foreign investor who wish to make Malaysia become your second home, you will need a home loan package to carry out the task. If you want to refinance your home to be able to save more money in long term, then you may just seeking advices on current financing features. You may receive more attractive terms from CIMB bank if you do your due diligent. It is possible for you to get lower rates or higher value for your house so that you will be able to get extra cash. Refinancing also can help you a lot if you are thinking of renovating your house.


If you plan to buy house for investing purpose, it is really a good investment that could provide you with positive capital growth. Also you may just buy a house and rent it out, so that you will be able to receive rental to cover your monthly installment. No matter what you purpose is, you will always need to get a loan for you to do so.

CIMB Bank is currently the second largest financial services provider in Malaysia. The bank is listed is on Bursa Malaysia and carrying a total market capitalization of RM63.2 billion. For the history of CIMB Bank, you may just read on wikipedia. The bank is now offering diversification of financial products and services which are including of various home loan packages. Among the housing loan packages that offered by CIMB Bank are including Home Loan, Capped Rate Loan, My First Home Scheme, HomeFlexi, BizLoan, BizFlexi. Besides, they also have Flexi Home Financing-i and Flexi Business Premises Financial-i by CIMB Islamic Bank.

You may go to the CIMB Bank official website to know more about the home loan packages that offering by them.

CIMB Headquarter

Unpleasant Experiences With CIMB Bank

However, even CIMB Bank is the second largest bank in Malaysia, but most of the people are finding that their service is not actually up to standard. There are many people complaint about the bank especially their services and attitude toward customers.

Like one of the customers who asked to remain anonymous claimed that it is extremely tired and time consuming for her to deal with CIMB Bank when she was applying for her housing loan. She claimed that she has started applied for the housing loan since beginning of the year, but until now almost 7 months passed the thing is still not settle.

She said she has submitted the letter and all the required documents to the bank when they first applied for the housing loan and they even has get the confirmation from the CIMB front desk informed them that all documents are received. Then she thought everything was OK and she just waited for the loan to release. But, after few weeks she has no news at all from CIMB Bank and she just made up numerous calls to inquire for the status.

The answer that she got was the thing wasn’t done yet. After few days, they called the bank again, by then only the officer told her she has to send over her latest bank statement. After she sent, and another few days passed. Nothing happen. She just made another call and the other officer told him everything was under processing. She then told the officer that she prefer to go for Islamic housing loan but the officer told her that this is going to trouble her a lot since she has to key in everything again and refuse her request! Can you imagine that?

She then went personally to the office and made the argument. They then agreed to amend and ask her go back to wait. Still, another waiting and calling. She even has to beg the officer to keep her updated of the status. Since her lawyer was kept asking her why took so long time to get a housing loan and the deal is going to running out of time. She will need to pay for the penalty and other charges causing by the delay. After another 3 weeks, the officer still inform her that the processing department still having meeting on her loan. She finally gave up and abandoned the loan. She just think that the whole thing was a nightmare for her and CIMB staffs seem like wishing all their customers go away to another bank instead of patronize to their bank.

Arrogant and Rude CIMB Bank Staffs

The other customer who is very disappointed with CIMB service told me that he been treated badly by the staffs at the branch near where he live. Most of the staffs in that branch are very arrogant and rude. He said they tend not to bother or entertain you, nor provide any proper guidance to the customers. He went asking them something and what he received was a very rude yelling. What come into his mind is the staffs in that branch are totally unprofessional and they are talking like gangster. He said he been blacklisted the bank and he feel how lucky he was as he was intended to apply for home loan from that branch in the first place.

Another Pissed Off Case Toward CIMB Bank

The other friend of mine said she was really pissed off with CIMB Bank by communicate with the customer service. She would want to inquire about the housing loan and contacted the Customer Service Centre. Upon her expectation, the customer service is not well train and almost knowing nothing and can’t answer any of her questions.

She then makes up her mind by visiting to the bank. But to her surprise she saw more than 20 customers are sitting there impatiently waiting for their number to be called. She think since has come to the bank, just grab a number and wait there, after waiting for almost an hour, her patience almost gone and she felt rather disgusted. She approached to the counter and asked why they had been kept her waiting for so long. The answer that she received was that most of the officers have out for lunch and she should just keep waiting for her turn.

She was speechless and went off right away. She complaint to me that CIMB Bank is very inefficient and they are not suppose to ask the customer keep on waiting like a fool! They are wasting her time to wait for their staffs finish eating! She was trembling with anger and swears not to deal with the bank for the rest of her life.

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