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Should I use a Commercial Mortgage Broker?

During the course of business, there will come a time when you need to raise funds for business expansion, or to meet financial obligations. That is the time when most business owners turn to commercial mortgage.

Whether you are applying for commercial mortgage for the first time or the n-th time, the process and paper work can be taxing. There are two choices. Either you can do all the documentation by yourself or hand over the work to a professional commercial mortgage broker.

This article explores the benefits of hiring a professional broker as opposed to doing the task yourself.

Broker – A Helping Hand!

Apart from savings time, a commercial mortgage broker can get the best interest rates, and get things done quickly. Although you have to pay a fee for the broker for services, the benefit and savings outweigh the fees.

Surprisingly, a majority (60-70%) of business owners in UK still pride in doing the task by themselves. Sadly, they are not realizing the effort and the time it takes to do the paperwork. In fact, it takes away considerable time out of their hectic business hours while hunting for the best rates, arranging the collaterals and looking into other nitty-gritties of loan approval.

In fact, most business owner can save or get better deals if they leave the task to experts.

Moreover, from practical experience, we know that it is easy for lenders to deal with brokers than to coordinate with multiple people. The fact is a commercial mortgage broker acts as a middle man between you and the borrower. Apart from that, brokers will do their best to provide quick service and fetch a good deal for you.

Hiring a commercial mortgage broker doesn’t mean you don’t study the different aspects of the loan. All the information you pick on the lending rate and repayment time, only help in striking a better bargain with the lender.

You can check various websites to learn about the current lending rates in UK and understand the current interest trends. Going through those fact hubs help you negotiate better and procure the right deal.

There are different terms that lenders use. By reading up for a while, you will get familiar with them. If there is too much technical jargon you find difficult, then a broker can always break it down for you.

So, what’s the benefit of hiring a commercial mortgage broker? Here are a few points in favour of hiring a broker, who can help you get the best interest rate and payment plan.

Save time and Money

If you don’t have sufficient time to call every lender in town and understand their lending program, then you need someone to do the investigation for you. When you are directly dealing with a lender to secure a loan, they will be only looking for their benefit. On the other hand, a broker will go the distance.

Apart from time saving and convenience, you can get free advice on the trends. They will also suggest the best time to apply, and the market trends to follow.

Wider choice & pick the best offer

When you deal with a broker or an agent dealing with one bank, then the chances of getting the best deal is relatively less.

Most experienced brokers have a list of lenders with whom they have close relationships. As a result, they have a broader range of loan options to choose from. Not only that; as a borrower, there are chances of getting a loan approved even if you have problems with your credit history.

You can ask your broker to collect all the details, and present a comparative study of the choices: the tax implications, tenure, and monthly commitment towards mortgage costs.

Fewer Complications – Brokers are professionally Trained

Brokers have been in business for a long time. They have the knowledge on the latest norms, rules and regulations. If you are a first-time lender, you won’t be familiar with the kind of questions to ask and negotiating the best rate.

Besides, there are chances that lenders will utilize your ignorance to sell a plan that is beneficial for their business. They will state the repayments associated with the mortgage, the terms the mortgage is taken out over and hidden costs among other things. In most cases, the terms and conditions will come alongside the quote for the mortgage, and understanding them is essential.

An experienced mortgage broker will collect the quotes from different sources and get you the best offer as per the market. Using their knowledge, they will put together a realistic picture for you. Besides, they will patiently explain the implication of each deal and answer all your queries.

Save time & complications during submission

Once you submit the personal and business details to your broker, the person will use the information to apply for loans with multiple vendors. Just imagine, if you had to deal with them separately! That’s a lot of time filling the forms online and offline.

Ask for referral

Ensure that you do your homework before you hire a broker. It’s important to check for broker credential, feedback, and experience in the field. Find out if the person is licensed by the government. Before you hire one, ask to see the license. If you know a friend or business partner, ask for recommendation. Someone from your professional network must have gone through mortgage. Ask for their recommendations and that saves the task of finding one by yourself.


It’s clear that commercial mortgage is a lot more complex than residential loans. There is more paperwork, scrutiny, and verification. The amount involved too is much higher than required for residential funding.

Considering all these aspects, it’s advisable to take the responsibility off your shoulders and hire an experienced agent.


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Matt Davis a partner at Empire commercial Finance, a firm specializing in Business Mortgages. seeking to serve client of UK with ease.  A company with expert professional  commercial mortgage brokers London most independent  business funding solutions

Resolve Your Debt Before Things Get Out Of Hand

The idea to consolidate all the outstanding loans, straight away into personal loan; is certainly the finest option for anyone who is struggling with acute debt. The thought of debt consolidation occurs in the mind of the consumer, when he starts getting phone calls and emails from various collection agencies. There is a fair chance that the credit report of the consumer will also show “default” if he doesn’t pay back his loan on time.

How does a person get into this debt trap?
Usually when a person spends his money extravagantly and ends up burning through all his credit, is bound to land in a few debts. This is when the things start taking a turn for the worse. Since he doesn’t have any money and he has already used his credit cards, store cards, gasoline cards and picked up some minor loans; he is in debt.

The individual seldom realizes is that he is going to be charged more than what he has spent. All these financial facilitators charge heavy interest on the money that they lend through their financial tools. Very few seldom read through the fine print regarding the rates of interests and the fines levied on the delay in payment; onto the due amount.

All of that capital that he has spent through credit tools has an interest over it. Now, since he had delayed the monthly payments on his credit card bills, there is an additional penalty or fine on the entire calculation. In merely, a month or two; the small amount sizes up to a huge sum. Ignorance and passion for unnecessary things drive a person to this position. At times, other circumstances are also the main contributors to the cause.

What is debt consolidation mean exactly?
This is the procedure of taking a fresh loan from one place, person or agency and paying off all the dues that a consumer may have. This way he gets to get rid of escalating fines and sub-sequential interest on that money. It is a sure fire method to repay all the small credit bills and loans, in a manageable way. Here the instalments go in an affordable sum, while the interest rates are also lower than what the consumer has been paying till now.

Here a vital fact comes into play, which states that one must evaluate all his debts by acutely determining, exactly how much he owes on every debt, including the interest that is charged on those accounts. Some debts even have an interest rate of nearly 25%. These can be taken care by the debt consolidation. This allows more room the consumer to breathe and thereby alleviate some of that stress.

Various benefits of debt consolidation
It is absolutely necessary to maintain an excellent credit score, since it would affect the financial life of an individual; dramatically. All the financial institutions utilize the credit scores to approve or reject the loan applications, of an applicant. Here a bad score may result in a higher rate of interest on the loan that has been approved for; if application gets approved. Here are the three major benefits of debt consolidation;
• Paying off the previous loans.
• Reduce the amount of various loans that were taken previously.
• Making payments on time and keeping the credit score good.

An important suggestion
It is vital to establish a different lifestyle, one that is easy on the budget, early on, so to avoid unnecessary expenditure and landing in trouble. Saving money mandatorily for the “Rainy Days” is essential because that is what will help an individual in tough financial situations. In short, one should save more; spend less.

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Kc mouli is a financial consultant to big firms. Crown Money Management one of her clients, while she is also available for individual monetary consulting; as well.

6 Inspiring Ways to Style the Interiors of a New House

“A good home must be made, not bought.” Joyce Maynard

Getting the keys of your new apartment for the first time is a cherished moment you dreamt of. Well, that’s natural. Now you’ve a place you can call home. However, the homely feel doesn’t come from day One. So, what does it take to turn around a house into something you can call HOME?
Here are a few ideas to add a personal touch…

Start with Green Ways – Add Plants and Flowers

Well-chosen plants and flowers in your house add a pleasant feeling to your interiors. They also act as a purifying agent for the air inside. If you don’t have gardening hands, you can know what’s best for your place from someone experienced. If you have limited space, you can use pegs to hang ivy plants in your balcony. Apart from plants, cut flowers in vases are also standard. When you come home after a tired day, they will soothe your senses.

Furnish with the Right Shades

The right choice of curtains and drapes helps the ambiance and style in your interiors. It is also a great way to churn out that unique personality for your dwelling. While selecting the curtain material, make sure you think about the weather, natural light and privacy where you intend to use it. Remember that it should be at least double the width of the window, offering sufficient folds for richness and elegance.

If you are on a tight budget, then it’s advisable to start slow – work with one room at a time. Instead of buying cheap furnishing material for all your rooms, you can utilize the money on quality furnishing for one room. After you complete, you’ll be a lot happier with the look and overall quality.

Make the Best Use of Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor space, it is a great opportunity! You can use the extra space to relax and enjoy the pleasant weather. For the best kind of utilization, you can either use a garden table or landscaping services for suitable plants and flower beds. With a little investment, you can even use the space for barbecues. All you need is to make a good seating arrangement and you can extend your life outdoors.
The Right Lighting

Lights play an important role in bringing a unique feel to your house. Don’t take lights just as a functional part. Use a mix of hanging lights, lighting shades and floor lamps to add to the ambiance. If you are using chandeliers, get the exact measurement before you install it.  Moreover, don’t forget to install dimmers to adjust the brightness.

Fill Empty Wall Spaces with Art Work or Photographs

House walls are the perfect canvas for you to make a personal statement. It could be art or some great memories with your family.

When you use the art work, remember to place it at the eye level. If you have multiple pictures to hang on the wall, do a test arrangement on flat surface. Try different placements, until you get the right combination.

You should read more on clustering pictures by understanding symmetry, line and balance.
Paint your Bookcase

Styling a dull bookcase with a fresh coat of paint or sticking colourful wallpapers on it adds an all new appeal. While applying paint, try to paint deeper shades than the wall colour. Also try a mix of accessories and personal mementoes to bring a personal character to the bookcase.

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Bharath Joshi a Marketing Executive at Unishire Belvedere Premia. We began with an aim of redefining real estate and creating benchmarks for others to follow, that provides German life styleluxuyry apartments in bangalore and Condominiums in Bangalore

Some Reliable tricks to increase the sale of small business

We all know it’s quite difficult to create a drastic change in the field of business. There are number of business projects in the market and now people are applying some brilliant ways cleverly to setup their brands and take advantages from their small business projects. But in this way they need huge amount for development of their business. Spending loads of money in order to gain success might be successful and meaningful. But the main problem is how you can be able to arrange such huge amount. The plan is simple; you can take simple and instant loans for making your brand successful and valuable in the field of business.

Turn your dreams into reality through instant loan:

The word ‘loan’ do not indulge you in some heavy kind of loans which means some tough and strict guidelines and complicated authentication purposes. It simply requires you to fill up the application form and enter your desired amount from £100 to £1500. If you want to get instant payday loans to fulfill your dreams, then you need to follow some terms and conditions. But definitely these are easy to follow.

Do not distract from your goals & objectives:

When you are just empty minded and do not have a specific reason, mission and goals then surely you will never know the destinations and heights you want to achieve in your business. The best trick is to find out the goals and objectives. You need to inculcate the values and significant decisions in your employees. When you keep your eyes on your goals and with proper focusing on minute objects consistently on the mission, then there will be no hurdle and barrier in your way of success.



Are you ready to start a high potential marketing campaign?

Now you have enough money through loan services to start a high potential marketing campaign. If you want to save yourself from high desperation then give your best inputs in order to achieve high outputs. In order to escape from this desperate and mess, you can use effective and high potential marketing strategies. You need to publish some print & electronic ads on high quality channels and newspapers. Start conferences with delegations and publish pamphlets, brochures and visiting cards to different high ranked organizations.

Establish and maintain some custom reward services:

Custom rewards services are actually the high privilege of best ranked organizations. But surely there is no harm if you start this service for your small business organization. You can maintain strong marketing position among certain brands. Establish those programs which create recognition of brand. Present wonderful surprises on customer’s memorable birthday or wedding occasion. Offer them some auspicious packages if they are using your new services. Send everyone free memberships.

Why not to considerate on free sample distribution?

When you will deliberately focus on free sample distribution then I think you will surely win the confidence of people and you will able to make your strong market position. In this regard, people will get to know more about your services and packages. After that it might be possible they spread to others to use your services, so through this cherishing way you can tremendously increase your sales.

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Linda Jack is a professional content writer who is working with fastcashhub since 5 years. She writes motivating articles on finance, business and fashion. Her services are truly dedicated to fast cash hub.

Every Business Must Be In A Necessity Of Startup Loans

It is a common fact that the recent generation is a savvy and smart up to a large extent that give rise to a smart crop of youth businesses. Though, irrespective of the size and type, any business requires not just the vision of business, but also adequate resources for the sake of finances, for making a good and secure start and builds a strong base for the business. In fact, if you are facing same conditions in which you are seeking for the accurate financial assistance for your start up business, then you can opt for any reputed and professional financial service provider.

How start up loans help you

The first need related to business finance is for its functioning and fixed capital. These types of business loans are considered as the best and ideal options to obtain access to such funds to cater every single necessity of your new investment. Whether it is setting up a unit or buying space, buying tools or machinery, or still purchasing raw material, all types of essential funds are offered by the financial company you chosen. A business requires sufficient amount of cash for completing the providence needs for the daily transactions. In fact, the business loans can also be acquired by the owner of any business to give for such instant access to functioning capital till the duration of time the business shatters even and begins to cover the expenditures on its own.

Such business loans for start up businesses are also a flexible choice for dissimilar classes of business owners as those with an awful credit history, bad minorities and still existing bad debts. You can tell all your credit conditions to the financial institution to help you in your bad conditions.

Explore the best service provider

But you need to be very careful, while selecting the financial service provider because there are so many companies or institutions available in the market that provides you different type of financing support for your start up business. You have to do some proper researches about the company from where you want to get the financing resource for your business needs and preferences at the starting point. You have to realize the fact that start up business loans are one of the perfect and reliable solutions for your start up business. The only criterion you must follow is to discover a reliable financing company to offer you a business loan. Once you find out the best service provider for your needs, you have finished your half work; the rest part will be accomplished by the company.

You can take references from previous clients as they will tell you about all the features and benefits of hiring a particular financing service provider for meeting your business needs. Otherwise, you can go online and find out the best companies that deal with such types of business loans for different organizations. You can make a proper list in which you can mention the names and services of different companies so that you can compare all of them and choose the reliable one according to your needs and preferences.

Author Bio

James is an experienced content writer who has a keen interest in writing a variety of articles and blogs on bad credit franchise fianancing and so on. He has been in the content writing field for many years.



Do Your Homework Before Choosing Your Home Loan

Almost everyone dreams to own a home. Earlier, the situation in India was different. People used to be afraid of availing a home loan because they used to think that only the affluent and those who belonged to the upper class could afford it. But thanks to the liberalisation and increases in incomes, a number of people who belong to the middle class also can decide to go for home loans for buying their homes.

A number of banks and non-banking financial institutions offer home loans. They make attractive offers also to inspire borrowers to avail these loans. The growth of the real estate sector in India has also been phenomenal in the recent decades. However, people should not make hasty decisions while availing these loans. They must gather all the information before choosing the perfect home loan that suits them. They must understand every factor involved in the loans, the terms that are imposed by the lending banks, the repayment options, etc.

SBI home loan, ICICI home loan, Axis Bank home loan etc and some of the loans offered by non-banking financial institutions like LIC Housing Finance Limited are quite popular. Some of these lending institutions provide loans not only for constructing or buying houses and apartments but for other related purposes as well. This means that we now have diverse products that have been designed to cater to the needs of various types of borrowers.

This seems to pose a challenge to the borrowers, but in reality, if borrowers do a good research, they can choose the most appropriate loan. Sites like are one-stop shops that provide customers with all the details. So, borrowers can visit these sites for knowing the details and making up their minds. Borrowers should take into account certain other factors also while choosing a property and while deciding on a loan.


While choosing a property, customers should check if the property they are considering comes at a price they can afford. Though one may expect higher incomes in future, they should not commit the mistake of considering their future income while choosing the property because no one can predict how future events may turn in a person’s life. So, they should take only the present income into account while choosing a property and an appropriate loan suitable for it.

Choosing the Lending Bank
Borrowers should choose the lending bank that offers the best benefits and the most attractive features. They are advised to do their research thoroughly and shortlist at least 5 lending banks or institutions and study their features. They must study the quality of their services also. They can inquire with the past customers of the lending banks or visit their websites for assessing the quality of services they render.

Rates of Interest
Rates of interest may differ from one bank to another. Borrowers should know these details and choose the bank that offers the best rates.

Tenure of Repayment
Borrowers should choose the most appropriate repayment tenure because they should have sufficient disposable income for their monthly expenses.

In short, borrowers should take time to consider all aspects before finalizing a home loan option.

Author Bio
Name: S. Muthu Kumara Swamy
Designation: Content Manager
Bio: I have always been interested in personal finance and had an urge to explore a variety of finance products ranging from loans to investments. As a finance professional in my current role as a Content Manager,, I create video content on varied personal finance subjects for TV shows. I also manage online forum activities, social media and interactive online content initiatives.

Get to know Which is the Most Affordable Bad Credit Loan?

The term ‘bad credit loan’ refers to a variety of different loans which are targeted at borrowers who will be rendered ineligible for standard personal loans due to their credit rating.

Typically, these loans can prove to be particularly expensive compared to their standard counterparts and therefore it is essential that you find out all of the information that you can before considering applying for one.

When Is The Right Time To Apply For One?
If you need access to more than £1000 and have been rejected by your bank or building society, a bad credit loan may offer the most attainable option.

However, if you wish to explore these options it is important to do your research and then manage it well. By doing this, you will be able to take many of the steps that you need to improve your credit rating so that you will be able to access cheaper financial options in the future.

Types of Bad Credit Loans
As mentioned above, there are a variety of different bad credit loans available, all of which have distinct differences.

Below, we have identified some of the most popular:

• Payday Loans: This type of loan is by far the most widely publicised and should always be approached with caution. Designed to offer a quick fix (essentially to tide you over until your next payday), the APR associated with a payday loan can be exceptionally high. Only available in relatively small amounts of up to approximately £500, full repayment as scheduled will ensure that the costs do not get too high but failure to repay can result in significant costs being incurred.

• Guarantor Loans: This type of loan works in a very similar way to a standard personal loan, except the loan agreement involves a third party guarantor who will be expected to make the repayments if you are unable to do so. These are by far the lowest risk and most attainable of all bad credit loans. If you would like to know where to find out more information, please click on the following link – where I can get a guarantor loan?
• Secured Loans: These are the cheapest option available to ‘bad credit borrowers’ but are associated with a significant risk due to the fact that you will be expected to secure your home against the balance of the loan. Although this will ensure that you are able to borrow a large sum of money, failure to repay the loan will result in repossession of your property.
• Logbook Loans: Similar to the secured loans above, although far more expensive, logbook loans work by using the borrower’s vehicle as security against the balance of the loan. Failure to make the repayments will result in the lender taking away your car.

Using a Bad Credit Loan to Consolidate Debts
Are you looking to consolidate your outstanding debts? Instead of trying to manage multiple repayments on credit and store cards, loans and overdrafts, which may be all on different rates and paid out at different times of the month, a guarantor loan can offer the perfect way to repay them all, leaving you with one easy to manage payment.

However, it is essential that find a loan offering you a lower interest rate than you are currently paying with your other debts, otherwise your overall costs may increase.
What Are The Pros and Cons?
Bad credit loans will be perfect if:
• You have a poor credit history and need to borrow a significant sum of money.
• You need the money quickly for an essential purchase.
• You can afford the monthly repayments.
But always remember:
• That the associated interest rates can be VERY high.
• They should only be used in the case of an emergency.
• You should only ever apply for the minimum amount that you need.

For more information on secured loans –
For more information on logbook loans –
For more information of payday loans –

Selecting a Credible Car Loan Service via Critical Parameter Evaluation

A loan invariably implies a financial arrangement. The car loans are also crucial monetary deals. If you are careless in choosing the right lender, ultimately you lose the car itself. You took in the financial assistance to buy the car. You do not buy a car to lose it in covering debt footprints! Essentially, you need to be attentive at finding the best agency. Many lenders set unrealistic loan conditions with a twisted business plan. First, they recover a huge amount as monthly payments. Although the repaid amount may be more than the car value, yet it may still get you to default. Then, the company reclaims your vehicle on that pretext. Such procedures suck immensely because you lose the money and the car both. Evaluate the various credibility aspects in selecting the right service.

 Website user experience

Visiting the website is important. A good service has a credible website. The virtual has a strange sense of alternate reality. People tend to be at their truest online because one is always true to his/her mind. The internet also represents the mind in many ways. In fact, it presents unique fractal representations of each individual person or company. It is virtually impossible to hide in a platform where users can find you and slander you on social media!

So, if the user experience is reliable, it essentially means you look at a good service. Check the system in place for obtaining the loan. It should be smart, effective, and transparent. The procedures should not take more than a few simple steps. The web resources must explain everything in lucid detail. Call up the service when you like the overall experience. The job of the customer support staff is to attend your calls.

Interacting with support

The phone call is crucial in understanding the service vibes. You have questions. They must have the answers in clear terms. The whole issue is as simple as that. Using complicated industry terms can be a camouflage for a dubious service. Instead, the agent should be straightforward in explaining the consequences of loan default. There must not be any beating around the bush in financial issues. It is a legally abiding agreement. Non-compliance to the set rules of fair business may have far-reaching consequences. You do not get away in unfair games! The surveillance can see everything.

It is crucial to verify the complete amount you need to allocate from your monthly plan.  Ask the additional expenses besides the advertised interest rates. Check whether the stated payment is tax inclusive. Do not hesitate to clarify any doubt. It does not matter if you make the call lengthy! Talk as much as you want in ensuring the credibility of the lending agency. Learn to trust your intuition in interpreting stuff.  

Bad credit issues

In many companies, they charge extra for providing you loan on bad credit. This is plainly outrageous! Buying a car implies emotional engagement. The company should not make it a burdensome affair! It makes no sense in doing business then. Instead, look up lending services that plainly do not care about your credit score. They must be able to provide the money whether you have the most dismal credit rank ever. It should not matter to them unless you consent to abide with the loan conditions. See if the agency bears the right attitude to poor credit parameters.

Finally, the company should be able to connect you with the right local dealer. Many dealerships serve their outlets in your city. Choosing the appropriate one is time consuming. Let the service simplify the work for you. You should just enter your details and requirements, and they check their databases to find the best match. Call and make an appointment when you have the dealers’ address.

Author Bio: Robert Strydom is a customer support agent at a car financing service. He works remotely from the home computer. Robert also writes guest posts on financial topics. He says, read here the basic issues to care in borrowing.


The Advantages of Using Prepaid Debit Cards

Everyone occasionally comes across a situation where they need a credit card; unfortunately, with today’s economy, many people find it difficult to secure a line of credit. When a person doesn’t have access to a credit card, it can cause havoc in their life.

Many companies are now offering a solution to this problem. If you can’t get approved for a traditional credit card, prepaid debit cards function in a similar way. Lots of people got hurt financially during the market crash of 2008, and prepaid debit cards help them function in a world where credit cards are a necessity.

The great thing about cards like the Kaiku prepaid debit card is that you can walk into a store and buy one; these cards can be used just like credit cards after you buy them. You can simply buy a card, load it up and instantly start making credit card purchases.

Prepaid debit card users love them because they never cause people to go into debt. You never spend money you don’t have when you use a prepaid card. When you use a real credit card, you spend money you don’t have; this causes lots of people to get into financial trouble. If you sometimes have a problem managing money, then a prepaid card is the right choice for you.

Buying a prepaid card is an inexpensive way to get access to the perks that come with traditional credit cards. A person can load up their card in just a few seconds. When they use it, they don’t have to worry about going overboard and spending money that they don’t have.

Removing Levies and Liens

Tax levies and liens can be the kiss of death when they show up on your credit report.  In addition to lowering your credit score significantly, the credit bureaus are able to report these notices indefinitely until you settle your unpaid federal tax debt. A tax lien, more formally known as a Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL), attaches to your personal property and informs the public that in the event you sell your property (while the lien is in effect) your debt will be paid off with proceeds from the sale. A levy on the other hand is a confiscation of the payment owed directly from your monetary accounts and/or paycheck. The best way to avoid either one of the aforementioned actions is to pay your debt in full before the notices are filed. The IRS also has a number of installment plans available if the balance is $10,000 or less.

New Developments

In recent years the IRS enacted the Fresh Start Program, an initiative which permits taxpayers to file for what’s known as a ‘withdrawal’ before the underlying debt is paid. Last year, the IRS issued close to 7,000 lien withdrawals—not nearly the number of liens issued, but definitely a clean slate for the individuals reprieved!

Do I Qualify?

In order to receive a withdrawal you must meet the following criteria.

  • Filed individual and business returns for the last 3 consecutive years
  • Tax liability has been resolved; lien has been released
  • Current on tax payments and federal deposits

If you meet the aforementioned specifications head over to the official IRS website and fill out IRS Form 12277, Application for Withdrawal. After the tax lien is withdrawn you can then contact the major credit bureaus and request it be removed from your credit report. In turn, this may improve your credit score.

Levies are a bit harder to remove because they are tied to your bank account via the IRS. The first step to take once a levy has been issued is to contact the bank and ascertain the details encased in the judgment. Confirm that the paperwork stipulates the accurate amount of debt you owe by gathering all relevant paperwork. To file a refusal of the levy, submit Form 9423, Collection Appeal or Form 12153, Applications for Collection Due Process Hearing. In extreme cases, bankruptcy may be a viable option if the levy in question is for a debt which cannot be discharged. Examples of this include child support payments, student loans and certain types of taxes. can help you determine exactly which options are available to you with the help of their certified attorneys.

The lien and levy removal process can be quite overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with the process. If you’re unsure what steps to take in the removal of these penalties or have other questions regarding IRS tax help, get in touch with a professional agency. There’s no better time than the present to get your finances under control.